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Review of the book Sherlock Holmes – Short stories

The book Sherlock Holmes - Short stories consists of three short stories. The first story, called The Speckled Band, tells the story of two sisters, Helen and Julia living with his stepfather because their mother died eight years ago. Helen as he was afraid to die like her sister died two years ago because he had heard a a metallic noise and whistle last night and goes to Sherlock Holems for help.
Holmes and Watson go to Helen's house to search for clues about the case and find a dish of milk and a metal box, since these two clues did not give any answer decide to stay in Helen's room at night. When the stepfather went into his room after several hours they heard the metallic noise and whistle, Holmes ran into the room and realized that his stepfather that killed Julia and her stepfather was an Indian snake.

The second story called A Scandal in Bohemia tells of a German prince who asks for help to Holmes to recover some photos that might cause a scandal in her royal family because portraying the prince and the beautiful Irene Norton. At the end of the photo did not manage to recover, but the prince and they are shocked because Irene Holmes Norton managed to escape and promised not to publish any photos which concerned them both.

The third story The Five Orange Pips tells of death of John Openshaw, of his father and his uncle. The murderer first to kill his objectives sent a letter that says KKK and five orange seeds. At the end Holmes can discover the murderers at the end of the story is felt death of the murderers.

I advise this book because it is a beautiful book and engages to read.

Natalini Andrea 3°T

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